Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Technique of Producing Variety in an Article

This is actually the quite extensively used technique of creating assortment. You must pause while reading it, when such interrupting components are thrown into a sentence. Thus, there happens a break- a break in the breath, mood, stream of sense, and most importantly, monotony. The effect as has been mentioned- variety. The technique will be clarified by these examples.

1. (a) he's expired. He was chairman of the club. His name was Mr. Khalilur Rahman Majhi. (b) Mr. Khalilur Rahman Majhi, chairman of this club, has expired. (appositive)

2. (a) If I am to the truth, I have to say that that guy about whom you're speaking isn't really truthful (b) That guy about whom you're talking is, truth to tell/actually speaking/ to talk the facts, not quite truthful. (Complete- it's no grammatical relationship together with the sentence in which it is used. It gives an added info regarding a component of the sentence. And even supposing it's taken out of the sentence, the construction of the sentence isn't hampered at all.)

3. (a) Individuals say that that pond was excavated by some unnatural creatures. (b) That pond- they (=Folks) say- was excavated by some unnatural creatures. (Complete)

4. (a) That tiger was dead. It became dried. It reduced into debris. (b) That tiger, dead and dried, reduced into debris. (modifier)

5. (a) If I am permitted to call Nahid Sultana Bina "Banglish" (=Bengali English), I have to say that she's among the worst girl in this Naikathi place. (b) That "Banglish", If I may call Nahid Sultana Bina so/if I am permitted to call Nahid Sultana Bina thus, is among the worst girl in this Naikathi place.

6. (a) As I Have said before, such sentence routines aren't so successful. (b) Such sentence routines, as I Have said before, aren't so successful. This instance will demonstrate the best way to use these techniques in writing.

The more guy gets, the more he needs

Guy's desire has no end. He desires what's not and what's potential for him to reach. He needs more than he deserves. He never gets all he needs. He realizes how pleasant it's to possess it, as he gets something. This proud feeling makes him desirous. At a second this want turns into greed. Needs can be met, greeds never. He cannot meet his greed since this is actually the reality. On building up his greeds go. Guy will not need to be wealthy; he needs to be more affluent than many others. This competitive want of guy shoves him challenging toward the enticing manner of more and more greed. He is able to never get out of the quicksand of avarice. The more guy gets, the more he desires.