Friday, 11 September 2015

Thierry Weinberg

Thierry Weinberg is well known as the founding partner with the business Double V board since November 2009 Paris area, France- these days. Thierry Weinberg studied at the institute of Superior De Gestion. He is currently a double V council Maremma. The firm is under the financial services with the aim of assisting other businesses to improve their profitability.

In November 2011 to date this firm specializes in brokering insurance coverage for organizations. The firm is well known as a consulting firm which specializes on expenses-reduction and the recovery of subsidies for companies despite of their activities and their sizes, hence optimization of costs for businesses.

Since its foundation, Double V council has developed its expertise in such areas as :
The Recovery of public and parastatal subsidies in such areas as innovation, recruitment.
The Increment of indirect purchase such as transport, expenses, insurance, bank fees, energy, facility management, communication facilities etc. 

The Optimizing of social and government charges such as taxes.
Their firm is set on one- stop shop with the efficiency of their customers in the shortest time possible and to benefit from all possible range of full cost reduction with their main aim of helping improve or increase profit.

Thierry Weinberg being the partner founder of Double V council controls all the tasks entrusted him with the various public bodies such as URSSAF Tax , administration, BPI, local authorities etc. as well as from all your suppliers(EDF, Direct energy Orange Team, businesses services, canon ISS RLD, onet, Ricoh. etc.) to deliver tumkey solutions. They also offer a local service, pay the fee or exclusively success fees as a percentage of savings to their customers or associate.

Thierry Weinberg is one of the most admired businessman who is out to save small to big businesses and to help them improve their profit as well as gain their subsidies whether being a public or a parastatal organization.