Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Features To Look Out For In A Gun Safe

A gun safe is essential for anyone who owns a firearm. A gun safe prevents your weapon from being misused. It also prevents unauthorized access and provides a secure environment for your family, opines The Global Dispatch on Gun Safes. There are many types of safes available in the market, and the choice depends on the usage. Some people use gun safes so that it is out of reach of kids, some want to store a gun which is a family heirloom and not often used, some want to have quick access and so on. Though the needs of every person are different, this post will give a general list of features that you should have in a gun safe.

Size: One of the most critical aspects that you should consider while purchasing a gun safe is the size. It is dependant on the number of guns you have, plans to own in the future, things you want to put in that cabinet and the area where you are placing the safe. After measuring the space where you plan to install the safe, next, you should measure the most extended gun you have so that you are sure you can fit them in it. Based on this measurement, you can then decide on the way you want to mount it.

Locks: There are many types of locks that you can select from. The traditional dial locks, the digital locks, the biometric locks, etc. The digital locks can help you change passwords as and when you want. The advantage of these type of locks is that they cannot be easily broken and hence it is secure. If you are looking for a more traditional lock, then you should opt for dial locks as you have no issues with batteries going dead. But the drawback in these locks is that it is difficult to reset the password. A secure lock also has re-lockers wherein if the lock is broken, they safely sit in holes which are pre-drilled into the side walls. If that is also broken, they become irreversible.

Fire and water protection: Look for a safe which has a fire rating which is a minimum of 60 minutes. Most of these safes will have about 30 minutes which is too low in case there's a fire at home. For a suburban area, this rating is not sufficient as it takes some time before the fire department can reach you. Also, check for the insulation inside the wall, it should be good enough so that the contents inside are not destroyed.
If you are in an area where there are frequent floods, then you should buy safes that are waterproof. Also, in case of fire, water will be used to douse it, so a lining which is waterproof is necessary.

Location: Depending on the usage of your firearm, determine the location of the safe. Size of the safe is a matter to consider while choosing the area. If you are using the gun for your safety, then it is best if you install it in a hidden place in your bedroom. If the weapon you have is a family heirloom, then you can place it in the garage.


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